Welcome to Caramel!

Life is a series of important events, large and small victories, celebrations, business events, tea parties, family reunions... A cake is the main and most important element of any celebration.

Keeping up with the times, we are always in trend, we have original ideas of cakes, which amaze your business partners, friends, bring joy to children, give pleasure to your family and friends with each piece. We are pleased to share our experience and implement your most daring ideas to make your life taste better!

What once seemed a charming magic, became a reality today. Cakes a la carte, like paintings, crafted in the Caramel Boutique Confectionery. Thanks to high skills of our confectioners, your guests will keep talking about your holiday, as an event where they got unforgettable emotions and delight, enjoying a cake made by Caramel.

Light airy biscuits, honey, chocolate cakes and wide variety of toppings on your choice! This is the cake a la carte that will accentuate your holiday’s bright individuality and originality of the celebratory event.

Light, airy biscuits, honey, chocolate cakes, and a variety of toppings of your choice! This is the cake that will highlight your bright individuality and the type of celebration.

Call us and we will do our best to prepare an original, exclusive cake a la carte for you! Cake a la carte on the occasion of birthday, christening, anniversary, wedding, newborn baby, business event, friends’ party, - your every demand can be implemented in beautiful, uniquely delicious cakes a la carte from Caramel Boutique Confectionery.

Besides, Caramel Boutique Confectionery recommends you unique cakes a la carte with caramel decorations, which do not have analogues in Kiev for today. In our gallery you can see our products’ photos and choose a cake a la carte ​​for your holiday.

We value your every holiday as well as your desire to please your guests, that is why we clearly follow some important rules in our production: we use only quality and natural ingredients, and stick to the technological standards.

We use natural cream and only top-grade flour for making our cakes a la carte, and for some work pieces we order special flour from France, as the majority of products and ingredients.

Substantially all of our products, including cakes, are made ​​from almond and hazelnut flour. Unusually airy, low calorie cakes are made from proteins without adding fat. For decorations we use only natural dyes. We care of your health and shape, so we work exclusively with natural purees with no sugar added and fresh seasonal fruits, without preservatives and flavorings. Besides the cakes, at Caramel Boutique Confectionery, you can buy fresh aromatic pastries and bread.

If you want the most delicious pastry, come to our shop, call us, make your order in any convenient way for you, and we will do everything to fulfill your most daring and unexpected wishes!