7 Important Reasons to order a Cake in Kiev in Caramel

PRODUCTION: We care about healthy! Our production facilities are located in a separate pastry shop, where technical and sanitary norms and standards for the production of confectionery are strictly followed. The production process is carefully observed by management team and the Boutique owner. All products are baked on the newest equipment with strict observance of technological, corporate policies and standards.

QUALITY: We care about quality of products. We are categorically opposed to artificial ingredients, emulsifiers, oils and various non-natural dietary supplements. Cakes, candy products, fresh crispy pastries, bread, meals and drinks from the Boutique menu contain only natural ingredients.

PERSONNEL: We care about professionalism and work ethics. Each of our employees has dedication, positive thinking and responsibility, which is reflected in the attitude to making our handmade products.

SERVICE: We care about your comfort! We take orders in any form convenient for you: by phone, email or personal message via social media. For your convenience, we deliver orders over 2 kg to your home or office. To satisfy your need to get the ordered product quickly, on our website there are services that help you to choose filling, figures, colors, lettering or toppings for the cakes to assist you when ordering the cake. Please refer to “tasting” option on the webpage.

EXCLUSIVENESS: We care about your status, values ​​and priorities in life! We are not replicating our products; we work individually with every order, taking into account your wishes, personal aspects and the preferences of each recipient of our products. During creation each cake we develop an individual recipe, making adjustments to the base of the recipe, according to your taste preferences,. We take into account your wishes on the individual design of products, we offer modern, creative ideas. We actively use a creative approach in designing your product.

UNIQUENESS: We care about your individuality! And to support your uniqueness we designed products, which have no analogues in Kiev today - products of caramel, which can be used as separate products and serve as decoration of cakes, buffets, and dessert bars.

IMPORTANCE: We respect your time, taste preferences, the importance of your life events and your feelings for your beloved ones! We thank you for choosing Caramel Boutique Confectionery! And we can assure that with us your life will taste sweeter!