Caramel thanks all participants CLUB bonuses for every purchase!

Become a member any person who has attained 18 years anniversary .

Join CLUB SWEET LIFE and get a number of benefits and privileges !

What are the benefits :

Each following your purchase financed !

Making any purchase, you are guaranteed to get bonuses - CAKE on his personal account, which can then be calculated for orders, purchases and restaurant visits. Keiko You can compensate for not more than 50% of your order.

1 hryvnia spent you get 1 CAKE to your personal account.

Club members regularly Caramel organizes and hosts various events, promotions and sweepstakes with prizes .

Club members are constantly receiving interesting and attractive offers for the purchase of confectionery products boutique Caramel, visiting a restaurant , celebrating personal, family , corporate and calendar holidays .

How to join the club Sweet Life Caramel:

Club members become very easy! You need to make a purchase at a boutique confectionery Caramel or order a cake for the amount of 1500.00 uah  above.

All fields are mandatory profiles Club members required to activate the card in the bonus system , storage and sale of CAKE and participation in all programs of the club.

Upon completion of the registration, already at the first purchase order or Club members get 15 CAKE on his personal account , which will be able to use the next time you purchase or order.


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As accrued CAKES :

CAKE - is conventional units, which are charged to your bonus card each time you visit a restaurant , shopping at a boutique confectionery Caramel or when ordering a cake. They can pay for any purchase or order . CAKE did not have cash and expression can not be received in cash.

CAKE credited to your personal account number is displayed on the bonus card , starting with the first purchase or order.

For each spent hryvnia to your membership account CAKE 1 .

CAKE 1 is 1 copecks contribution to your personal account .

Number CAKE maybe more . Follow our special offers .

Accrual CAKE runs in -line at the time of formation of the bill. Accrued for the purchase or order CAKE , you can see in your account . There's also the total amount reflected on your account CAKE .

Check the balance on your account Keiko You can always turning to the waiter or by phone when ordering a cake.

How to spend CAKES :

CAKE can be spent at a restaurant , buying any products in boutique confectionary Caramel or when ordering a cake.

From CAKE can compensate for the amount of purchase or order , provided sufficient Keiko bonus on your personal account, but not more than 50 % of the total order .

Write-off of cake with your personal account is on- line at the time of purchase in a boutique confectionery Caramel or when paying for the order cake.

Validity accumulated CAKE - 2 months . If after this time CAKE are not implemented , they will automatically reset the program , in chronological order, starting with the earliest .

Detailed rules Loyalty Programs CLUB sweet life , see here