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Jam own production Caramel

Love unusual combinations of flavors?
We have something to offer you!

Jam own production Caramel - it is incredibly delicious!

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11 December 2014
Happy Birthday Caramel - 1 year!

Дорогие друзья!

Спасибо что Вы с нами - вдохновляете и дарите радость!

Благодарим что выбрали нас!

Спасибо всем за поздравления!

Больше фото смотрите у нас на страничке Facebook ;)

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10 December 2014
Scientists have discovered a sixth sense of taste.

Scientists from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, exploring the sense of taste, claim to have discovered a sixth sense of taste along with the already well-known sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami and recent taste of proteins. It is about the ability to enable people to recognize carbohydrates. 

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29 September 2014
Торт Caramel Butik Sweet expectations...

Expectations were met incredible taste ... And today, our sweet world added another stunning masterpiece of our confectioners - cake "Chocolate Truffle". 

Delicate chocolate cake soaked with Triple Sec liqueur and amazing cream chocolate, cream with crushed walnut ... 

Here it is - a true delight!

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29 September 2014
Family dinners and social skills of children

In the age of computer games and social networks is very difficult to gather the whole family at the table for dinner. 

But American scientists from the University of Oklahoma say that this is extremely important, because family dinners increase the concentration of children in school, and improve their social skills. 

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25 September 2014
7 most useful properties of onion

You'd be surprised, but this useful vegetable also has its own festival. Celebrate it in early September 

Of course, the useful properties of the bow is much greater than seven. As onion varieties. But we, with our resident expert, dietitian Ludmila Denisenko, tell you about the most useful: 

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16 September 2014
Small secrets of the female character

Female character - a secret that men are trying to solve for a long time. What lurks behind the charming and bottomless eyes woman, what surprises to expect from it and what is your favorite fruit? 

We priotkroem this little secret in our female fruit horoscope 

Aries: Pineapple 

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16 September 2014
By the day of , Hope and Love!

By the wonderful holiday - Day of Faith, Hope, Love, we have prepared a delicate pastries, which in this day to please and pamper your loved ones, friends and family! 

Order now all shapes and sizes and make sweet gifts!

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15 September 2014
Happy Ukrainian cinema!

Actors, writers and directors. Make-up artists, operators and anyone involved in the creation of the great cinematic masterpieces congratulates the Ukrainian cinema! 

Let tomorrow brings you even more awards and applause, and Muse will never leave you! 

Thank you masterpieces and striking creations!

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12 September 2014
History favorite cheesecake

Tasty dessert cheesecake (English. Cheesecake - literally - cheese (cheese) cake) is much older than it might seem. Spread around the world thanks to the boundless love of the American Culinary cheesecake is considered to be an American dish that has some distant English roots.

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11 September 2014