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What do they say about your favorite dishes character?

Before proceeding to an analysis of the details, we recommend that you carefully examine all the images at the bottom of the test and to determine for themselves what is actually prouktam You give your love and commitment. 

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11 September 2014
TOP - 10 most useful products fall

Want to know what foods you should definitely include in your diet in the fall? 


Pumpkin contains vitamin T, because its use helps to lose weight and normalizes metabolism. 

This is a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals, as well as beautiful natural energy. In the pumpkin contains carotene in 4 times more than in carrots. A large amount of iron improves the circulatory system. 

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10 September 2014
Amazing cooking: food from the printer!

Can you imagine such a beginning of the day: you come to the office, depressed and gloomy morning without breakfast. Your abilities are not even enough to make coffee in the coffee machine. You turn on your computer and you have several options: you can print yourself or annual report ... print your own breakfast! 

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09 September 2014
On the International Day of Beauty!

Beauty - a terrible force:-) And not just today! Our dear, dear, charming, stunning, unique, magical, delicate and charming girl, girls, women! Congratulations on the International Day of Beauty! Always be queen of men's hearts and thoughts!

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09 September 2014
Top products needed for each schoolchild

Create menu for pupils is not so simple. Indeed, a growing body needs all the nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral salts) in optimal amounts. Scientists have compiled a list of products required for each student. Etokartofel, pumpkin seeds, eggs, wheat, beef, almonds, salt. 

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08 September 2014
Aroma of bread makes people kinder!

There is an ancient belief: the evil spirits leave the house if bake bread or muffin. It is believed that the smell of fresh bread scares all evil. Perhaps that is why the French scientists decided to seriously engage in research flavor of fresh bread and pastries. 

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05 September 2014
Congratulations businessmen and businesswomen!

Let thriving business and be sweet victories and new achievements! Happy businessman in Ukraine, dear friends!

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05 September 2014
Summer travel WR: World Food Museums

It's time to sum up the culinary journey of the White Rabbit and talk about them. 

This summer, he opened for us the most interesting and unique museums in the world of food. It would seem, unless such can be? And as it turns out, yes! 

Museum of bananas (Aburn, Washington, USA) 

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04 September 2014
Children's sweet party!

Ended in the summer holidays and start the fun and sweet children's birthday season! Here it is, the real Children's sweet party in Caramel! 

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02 September 2014
10 exciting films restaurant

In this collection we have collected 10 amazing, funny, romantic films about the life of the restaurant and its inhabitants, which guaranteed lift your mood! 

1st place - "Ratatouille" (USA, 2007, directed by Brad Bird) 

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01 September 2014